Independent Voter PAC

Independent Voter PAC was founded to support independent-minded candidates and incumbents dedicated to protecting YOUR right to vote, and who best represent people - not parties.

In 2010, 54% of Californians voted to pass Proposition 14: The Top-Two Primaries Act.

The act guarantees every Californian equal, meaningful, access to every stage of the electoral process - including the primary election.

Previously, voters were forced to register with the Republican or Democratic Party in order to meaningfully participate in a California election. Today, all voters, regardless of party affiliation, can vote for the candidate of their choice.

For too long politics were decided in closed primaries by a small minority of highly ideological Republicans and Democrats. Now all Californians can participate, meaning independent-minded policy makers can make a difference. This has opened the door for independent-minded candidates and representatives to put people first.

Being independent is more than a party preference, it’s a mindset. Independent Voter PAC supports candidates who find solutions outside of partisan talking points. Our lawmakers should speak for themselves, not special interests.

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